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Comparing Employer Insurance & Medicare

You are turning 65 or otherwise becoming eligible for Medicare but still have the option of maintaining employer-sponsored insurance. Do you delay the start of your Medicare or do you proceed as soon as you are eligible? Most of all, what is the most cost-effective way to ensure you that you are completely covered?

Our advisors face this situation every day and have found that the following factors are most important when comparing an employer-sponsored option and Medicare-related insurances:

  1. Basic plan information such as premiumdeductibleco-pay, co-insurance, etc. about both your employer-sponsored plan and the options surrounding Medicare

  2. Additional coverage such as dental, vision, or hearing

  3. If you have dependents, how their coverage will change if you leave the employer option, and how they could be covered by insurance through the Government Health Insurance Exchange


In order to make sure you have complete and current information, you will need to speak with an independently licensed and local agent. The agent will be able to confirm any information you’ve already found, supply further premium amounts, and answer all of your questions.

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